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four stars of valor the combat history of the 505th - four stars of valor the combat history of the 505th parachute infantry regiment in world war ii phil nordyke on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers hailing from the big cities and small towns of america, more than courage sicily naples foggia anzio rhineland - the world war ii combat record of the 504th parachute infantry regiment was incredible its 3rd battalion jumped into sicily spearheading the invasion, world war ii pathfinders resupply 101st airborne division - a company of men from the 101st airborne division leaves bastogne to take up positions on the perimeter surrounding the town although they were inadequately equipped when they were rushed to the ardennes on december 19 their timely resupply via parachute drop thanks to a handful of elite, military history of australia during world war ii wikipedia - between world war i and world war ii australia suffered greatly from the great depression which started in 1929 this limited australian defence expenditure and led to a decline in the size and effectiveness of the armed forces during the 1930s, military history of france during world war ii wikipedia - the military history of france during world war ii covers three periods from 1939 until 1940 which witnessed a war against germany by the french third republic the period from 1940 until 1945 which saw competition between vichy france and the free french forces under general charles de gaulle for control of the overseas empire and 1944 witnessing the landings of the allies in france, u s and german field artillery in world war ii a - at the beginning of world war ii the u s army s primary field artillery pieces were the french designed m1897 75mm gun and m1918 155mm howitzer above, world war ii 101st airborne division participate in - in their baptism of fire the green paratroopers of general maxwell taylor s 101st airborne division performed like seasoned veterans, invasion of sicily and italy s surrender world war ii - 17 jun 1943 the royal navy battleships hms nelson flying the flag of vice admiral algernon willis and hms rodney plus a large squadron sailed from scapa flow to join the largest invasion fleet yet mustered in world war ii 280 warships 320 merchantmen 2 125 landing craft and smaller vessels for operation husky the sicilian landings, puerto rico s 65th infantry regiment anouncements - chief warrent officer pastor figueroa rodriguez aug 6 1897 aug 22 1979 c w o pastor figueroa rodriguez 355390 son of evaristo figueroa and julia rodriguez was born on august 6 1897 in toa baja puerto rico