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wire and cable ul - the ul category code for each wire and cable category is identified in tables 1 2 and 3 of this marking guide 1 how to use this guide the wire and cable types covered in this guide have been divided into three tables as follows table 1 building wires and cables including some industrial cables, marking and application guides ul - marking and application guides are designed to assist code authorities designers and installers in determining the suitability of ul certified equipment for use in a particular installation, updated wire and cable marking guide industries ul - ul developed the wire and cable marking guide to help code authorities electric utilities contractors installers users designers and other interested parties understand the markings found on wire and cable the guide also references the applicable codes and standards in order to help facilitate a code compliant installation, marking guide wire and cable electrical solutions corp - underwriters laboratories inc ul has developed this guide for use by code and inspection authorities electric utilities contractors installers users designers and other interested parties to aid in understanding the markings found on wire and cable and the applicable codes and, wire and cable marking guide 2005 b conexus technologies - wire and cable marking guide table of contents the listing mark of underwriters laboratories inc on the attached tag the reel or the smallest unit container in which the product is packaged with or without the ul symbol on the product is the only method provided by ul to identify, hazardous locations global market access industries ul - ul is an approved test laboratory and certification body within the iecex certified equipment certified service facilities personnel competency conformity mark license and recognized training provider programs, ul knowledge solutions navigating the wire and cable - navigating the wire and cable marking guide description gain an in depth understanding of the components of the wire and cable marking and application guide which was designed to direct users to the appropriate wire and cable categories in the ul white book and the nec, datapro s guide to ul cable ratings - cable ratings markings most consumer products you see have an underwriter s laboratories ul rating for safety and cables are no exception here are a few common markings you may see on the wire jacket and what they mean, compliance guidelines for marking and labeling systems ul - ul certifies marking and labeling systems under five different categories pgdq2 8 pgji2 8 pggu2 8 pgis2 and systems through its online guide information the guide information describes the intended use conditions of, understanding and identifying ul appliance wiring material - understanding and identifying ul appliance wiring material awm styles introduction appliance wiring material awm is a large category of wire and cable that spans over different constructions, ul listed or ul recognized which cable is the right one - by horst messerer product manager data network bus technology helukabel just because it has a ul mark does not necessarily guarantee acceptance after all approval can be a tricky business before choosing a cable for a device or machine design it pays to know the difference between these approval types, guide to ul labels coast label company - use our guide to ul labels to cut through the confusion and better understand the different types of ul labels out there labels that are printed with a ul mark are not required to have specific ul approved label material ink or durability requirements just because they have that mark that said the evidence of a product s ul, ul cable marking explained nicab ltd 01280 704867 sales - ul cable marking explained 31 1 2012 here is a quick guide to ul marking on cable direct from the ul website classified verified or recognized only the appropriate ul mark on the wire or cable or on its packaging is a valid indication of ul certification ul assigns a unique e number e and a 3 to 6 digit number for wire and, comparison chart for ul wires cables standard wire - standard wire cable company can supply you with the right sizes types and quantities of product you need to keep you on schedule and your management happy we have been doing this for companies since 1947