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buzz lightyear of star command wikipedia - buzz lightyear of star command is an american animated science fiction adventure comedy series produced by walt disney television animation the series originally aired on upn and abc from october 2000 to january 2001 as part of disney s one saturday morning programming block it follows the adventures of space ranger buzz lightyear who first appeared in the film toy story as an action figure, amazon com buzz lightyear of star command video games - this game was a childhood favorite i would spend hours playing it it is just like the buzz lightyear of star command cartoon show but even better because it is a video game that you can play, buzz lightyear pixar wiki fandom powered by wikia - buzz lightyear is one of the main characters of the toy story franchise he is the deuteragonist of the original toy story movie supporting character in toy story 2 and toy story 3 the titular protagonist of its television series buzz lightyear of star command and its direct to dvd movie, amazon com pixar ultimate buzz lightyear toys games - product description toy story ultimate buzz lightyear programmable robot is a think way toy production interactive buzz lightyear figure approx 16 tall responds to voice commands has 100 sayings talk to buzz he ll interact with you, pizza planet truck disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - the pizza planet truck is a 1978 gyoza mark vii lite hauler pickup truck that is used to make deliveries for pizza planet in toy story it has made cameos in every pixar film to date except the incredibles it does however appear in its video game the inside of this truck is first shown in, galactic empire disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - the galactic empire was one of the main factions in the universe of star wars it was a galaxy spanning regime established by the series lead villain palpatine to replace the galactic republic the galactic empire was first introduced in a new hope and the imperials are the main antagonists, the 42 most insane but convincing fan theories ever - what you think you re watching a fun sci fi romp through a near future dystopian detroit peter weller plays a good cop who is murdered in the line of duty and is therefore the perfect candidate for inaugurating the robocop program, prepare to die tv tropes - a form of pre mortem one liner where the utterer has determined in advance that he is going to kill someone indicating to the other person that he has no chance to survive frequently uttered by villains but may also be uttered by heroes depending on their character alignment if it s personal for