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turbulence everything you need to know - turbulence spiller of coffee jostler of luggage filler of barf bags rattler of nerves but is it a crasher of planes judging by the reactions of many airline passengers one would assume so turbulence is far and away the number one concern of anxious flyers intuitively this makes sense, airplane turbulence a pilot explains why you can relax - the words airplane turbulence and fear have a nasty habit of popping up in the same sentence but it turns out that airplane turbulence isn t something you need to worry about, boeing 787 a pilots perspective flight - the similarities are such that the australian regulator will issue a boeing 787 type rating on the basis of a boeing 777 endorsement in the usa a 5 day conversion course is mandated for converting pilots and it s expected that a similar program will be implemented in australia should the program ever be necessary, fear of flying understanding turbulence travel savvy mom - definitely help to ease the fear of flying also try riding on in the back a 15 passengers van from bangkok to chiang mai and the airplane turbulence will be nothing, the truth about turbulence what passengers should know - an airline pilot explains what turbulence is and why you should not freak out about it but by all means please do buckle up at all times, a pilot s perspective yes it s safe to fly on allegiant air - a pilot s perspective yes it s safe to fly on allegiant air allegiant air has had a significantly higher number of reported events for an airline its size compared to other operators, 7 settings all ipad pilots should know about ipad pilot news - there are literally hundreds of settings in the main ipad settings app which can make it difficult to sort out the useful ones from the clutter here we ll look at 7 important settings pilots should know about and adjust accordingly, flight training magazine aopa - flight training magazine offers the insight and counsel of experienced pilot authors to help both instructors and pilots in training as they progress toward their goals in aviation after all a good pilot is always learning, what s wrong with mooney pilots air facts journal - richard collins for over 50 years pilots turned to richard l collins for his unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of flying light aircraft, 10 ufo encounters reported by commercial airline pilots - in 1989 first officer andrew danziger was on a flight from kansas city to waterloo iowa and had ascended to 4 500 meters 15 000 ft when he noticed a white disk visible through clouds to the right of the plane, airline pilot guy aviation podcast - bella terra publishing news unruly hawaiian airlines passenger must pay 98k after plane returned rogue baggage handler aborted airliner landing united off the hook for the passenger dragging incident 130 pilots 430 crew members of air india likely to be grounded belgian army pilot falls from helicopter during airshow feedback dave be a regional, m20c evaluation report mooney aircraft pilots assn - first let s take a look at the airplane as it sits on the ramp when you first walk up to a c model the first thing you notice how low the airplane sets on the ground, should airplanes be flying themselves vanity fair - airline pilots were once the heroes of the skies today in the quest for safety airplanes are meant to largely fly themselves which is why the 2009 crash of air france flight 447 which killed, sukhoi hal fgfa wikipedia - the sukhoi hal fifth generation fighter aircraft fgfa or perspective multi role fighter pmf was a fifth generation fighter aircraft planned for india and russia it was a derivative project of the russian sukhoi su 57 for the russian air force the fgfa was the earlier designation for the indian version while the combined project is called the perspective multi role fighter pmf, aircraft engine turbochargers explained boston ma - learn everything you need to know about aircraft engine turbochargers including pros and cons and if a turbocharged aircraft is right for you, aviation hf news system safety - aviation human factors industry news the following weekly issues have been generously provided by roger hughes president decoding human factors inc congratulations to roger on being awarded the charles taylor master mechanic award by the faa click here to read his autobiograhy click to see a larger image, fire safety in tall buildings part 2 the future - introduction the taller the building the longer it takes for the occupants to escape and the more difficult it becomes for firefighters to achieve a rapid intervention to prevent the fire spreading or to rescue the occupants, startups news the business journals - startups news from the including the latest news articles quotes blog posts photos video and more, synergy aircraftfaq synergy aircraft - although it s by far our 1 faq unfortunately you can t right now this is a project determined to succeed and taking orders for high demand airplanes ahead of churning them out by the hundreds is historically just slow financial suicide it s not about making one or twenty or two hundred, thatcher cx4 cx5 builder community news - thatcher cx4 cx5 community what s new builder location map builder community list completed and flying cx4 s cx4 cx5 pilot reports pireps links twitter and a whole lot more