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mom and dad s letter to their daughter on her graduation - that brings us to today college graduation i can barely type the words without shaking your mother and i have been blessed to help you grow from a bouncing and always laughing baby into a confident and caring young woman, a commencement speech for parents to give novell - many parents are currently passing an important milestone in raising their children graduation from college sending our children off into the world with a diploma in hand is perhaps one of the most hopeful and loving acts we parents commit never mind the bills we ve racked up in the process, parents graduation speech to daughter - parents college graduation speech to daughter year s graduation when my daughter tara graduated from sixth college and congratulate first the parents who have sacrificed graduation speeches from parents to teachers, parents write a commencement speech college parent central - obviously graduation speeches are lost on the graduates but graduations and commencements continue to feature speakers who deliver advice and proclaim values that could indeed become life changing or at least life guiding, a father s graduation letter to his daughter - a father s graduation letter to his daughter cynthia first of all congratulations on completing your high school education i have been impressed with the determination drive and hard work you have demonstrated these past four years, a graduation speech for parents parents - a graduation speech for parents your parenting doesn t end when the kids leave for college but it changes dramatically when that day arrives when you graduate from being the parent of, to the parents at college graduation thank you - the parents along with other caregivers and supporters always steal the show during graduation season i pay far more attention to the faces in the crowd than i do the graduates on the floor sorry students, thank you messages for parents on graduation day - i am extremely grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to study at college it was the best legacy that you could have passed down to me thank you for giving me so much to be grateful for thank you for making my graduation event a memorable one i feel so grateful and blessed to have parents like you in my life, graduation quotes and sayings for 2018 shutterfly - graduation day brings with it a roller coaster of emotions for grads and their families alike it s a time of celebration and achievement there is reflection on past trials and successes as well as hope for the future, breaking away a father s message to graduating daughter - graduation day just uttering those two simple words evoke a multitude of complex emotions and dreams both in the minds of parents and students alike